Man standing at a bus stop staring at his shoes

Woman glancing at her wristwatch, no time to lose

Cat sitting in a window, how to pass the day

Dog howling at the moonshine, in a very doggy way.

Tall man walking like a sentry, head held high

Another man bowed with early onset sedentary,

Lights flashing on the highway like a river of glass,

Red lights passing the other way, rather fast.

Life is counting buttons, death is gnawing bones,

Some have got a palace, others got no homes.

Buildings rise forever blocking out the sun,

People do not notice that the warmth has gone.

Steel and tarmac smell of death, rivers have run dry,

Trees are leaning over some of them will cry.

Pigeon grey and injured lying on a track,

Someone stoops picks it up gives its life back.

Rain is shafting needles freezing down your neck,

All that you can think of is,”What the heck.”

The Soltice is approaching like a very slow train,

Then we go around and its summer once again.


Caroline Baldock©2018