Entre Chien et Loup

Bright is the portal of our memory,

Which like the sun lights up our life.

All the constellations are our friends

Without whom life would be intolerable,

And in that light of memory we bathe

Enhancing every passing day

Hope is the chariot, fire the brain

Journey is the story, engraved in colour

Sometimes penciled in, but always there;

Reminder of our world with whom we share,

Reflect upon the statue of our lives,

With pride and care, and long summer days

And longer winter nights,

Framed in poetry laughed to the sky

Lived to the end the very last shred

What if one day we cannot find the sun,

No inner light we wake to darkness

To an empty black world of nothing

Like the source of all things of all rivers,

Dried up like a blind man who cannot see,

We cannot shine the light into our memory

And see our world, which is now confused

A maze of shapeless dark,

Like the spider who sees not his web

But hangs upon a thread, not sure which way to go.

Lost on a highway to nowhere,

Like a shipwreck, nothing to hang on to,

Washed by time taken like the twilight

Entre chien et loup,

Without recalling what a dog looks like.