It’s time to go down

It’s time to go down to the one tree hill

To the place of apples and the brandy still,

To the silent hill which will now awake

With children and laughter and Arthur’s cakes,

To the stream of people who all appear

As if they have come from Hamlin’s Tale,

Yellow and green and red and black,

All colours, all kinds, all people like that,

All pied and piping and dancing too,

All thralled and following three by two.


It’s time to go down to the old house then

To dance to the music of tinkling keys

To greet the autumn in scarlet and gold,

And vanish into the colourful fold

Of friends and lovers, of wives and mothers,

Of Father’s and sons of sisters and brothers.

Dance in the moonlight, the starlight, the nightlight

The warm light, the fire light which glows forever.

For this is the Autumn the twilight of summer

And the road that is golden which brings us together.

Halloween 2022