Then there was light!’

Give me light, early morning light in all its delicate fronds

Scraping through clouds or burning the edge

Of the earth with cold fire.

Give me dappled light, broken through trees

Hazelnut light, bracken light, patterns of light on stones.

And the yellow light inside the Acacia tree.

Give me dark light, and misty light,

Fog light and brown light, they too seep into my thoughts.

Give me gentle light, and hard light of summer days

Raking long shadows in the long evening.

Starlight in the Californian desert the Milky way

A glittering highway ploughing the dark sky.

Moonlight, sending its cold glow into shadows

And over streams and through woodlands.


I see the camera sees the light I don’t see.

I love the sea’s light, reflecting the sky,

In all its mesmeric changing, white and gold, yellow

Black and green, like a precious stone whirling colours

Through chemistry, and sometimes azure eyes.

Snow light, dusting dreams, hiding a world refracting light

With crystals of light, that settle and obliterate.


River light and light in Norfolk, wide open light like a wave

Spreading across the landscape like love

Warming the golden corn.

Then there is wake up light, dawning on us, light,

Ethereal mind bending cosmic light,

Which shatters souls and re-bends ideas ,

Exciting light, telling me the moment

Of awakening has come,

I wish for light, for darkness will come

And I will lose light.