Seeing Red

To the races I am intending to go

To try my luck and dispel my woe,

Of all of the runners I checked out the form

The weather was fine in the early morn.


I checked out their ratings, speed and style

I looked at the going and with a smile,

I knew I could win, such a feeling of fate

As I watched them canter down to the gate.


For backing winners is really a chinch

You just have to know every possible inch.

I checked out the stars and my horoscope too

To sort out the many from just the few.


And so in the first race I picked out the Yellow,

He looked like a spritely, leggy, sweet fellow,

But round the turn I nearly cried,

He was out at the back, just never tried.


Red colour’s won with a banded cap,

He rode out fast with a single slap.

The second race I spotted colours of Green,

Quite the best horse in the paddock did seem,


But up at the straight he faltered too long,

He was passed by a horse whose colours shone.

In scarlet white banded, he galloped and won,

So red yet again was the cloud on my sun.


Next my choice fell on a blue with white trim,

His horse was golden, fit, strong and slim.

The jockey mounted and touched his pale cap

I thought a good sign, I really liked that.


Up the straight he galloped with force

Head down in front, a winner of course

I cheered as he passed me, his moment of fame,

Got pipped at the post by a crimson dame.

Crimson won, it looked a dead heat,

Those reds took some seeing, as I sat in defeat.


Caroline Baldock © 2018