Tell Me

Tell me, am I looking at the road of souls,

As it winds across the dreary way

And if I stand and wait a while,

Will I see a soul who with a smile

Will turn and see me waiting by the road?


Tell me, will I see him, whose journey long,

Was bound for just a little time with mine,

We met like wind and rain and played a while,

Weathered by our meeting, we drove each other

From the chaos of our love, to milder climes.


Tell me, that when this storm has passed no shadow

Of the damage it has done will mark my heart,

But only fear that passion has now passed

And gentle sun and rain are all that livieth now

I yearn not for peace, but that wild hurrican.


Tell me, as he passes will he turn that lovely head

And will I see the colour of his eyes, or instead,

Knowing, faint and formless is the soul ethereal?

Within this landscaped dream of passing life?

How will I know that I have found my emerald?


Tell me, along this road a rainbow arcs

And at its end not gold, but passion lies,

And onto the fearful road of our eternity,

Will I behold the reason for that light which

Willl enticed me out of the unknowing dark.


Tell me, is this the road of fools, who travel blind

Is life a mine whose gold has now expired?

Are fools and dust and our existence curt?

Are hells angels, devils work and gods

Just the workings of the – oh so mortal mind.


Caroline Baldock©2018