The Dancer

The Dancer


He looked like a lumberjack, but moved like a swan

He asked me to dance, as if we were one

He took my hand, and the rhythm was strong,

I knew with this dancer I could do no wrong

He led me away to another land;

I was petals and feathers in is hand

Who was this man who I did not know,

Who could dance so soft and so slow.

I trusted my feet as I followed the beat,

Into a whirl a blurr of light,

I touched a sense I was doing all right.

He conquered my fears with a gentle hand

I was floating and feeling,

And rocking and reeling,

It seemed to me I’ve been here before,

And danced with the stranger who no one saw.

I felt as we whirled to the music wild

The woman was gone replaced with a child,

Rocked so softly, swung so sweet

He didn’t dance me off my feet.

I gave to the music to them the beat.

Can a man who has softeness and rhythm and song

Be a man who could surely do no wrong,

Then I’ll remember to pick a friend

Who can dance me through to the very end.