The Denial Game

The Denial Game

Denial is a culture it’s a whim without a name
Denial is the only way to obviate the blame,
Denial is the key to say I wasn’t there, or
I didn’t know it happened, I didn’t really care.

Denial takes cover when it comes to facing facts
Denial is the easy way to reconvene syntax,
It was very useful when Judas was to blame,
He simply took the silver and laid a counter claim.

Denial is the work of Asad, Hitler and the like,
Denial would be Stalin’s principle delight.
If we could lift the curtain and reveal an honest game,
But few will face its outcomes, few will face the shame.

Denial is the devils work and when that work is done,
Denial has habit of suddenly being gone.
Denial leaves people legless, mistakes of diagnose,
Who didn’t move quite fast enough, we could suppose.

Denial is the refusal to take responsibility,
Its curious how many head’s of state can see,
That squeezing out of truth, is a crack, an open door
And we the electorate just come back for more.

Denial says it wasn’t me who sold you arms illigally,
Denial is the modern word for all diplomacy,
Denial, isn’t clever, but it may just be our fate
To run a world on ‘Really’ wasn’t me who threw the slate.

Denial’s rather overweight he thinks he’s looking slim,
He has the power to change his life, but visits not the gym,
Denial’s like a heavy stone that when you pick it up
The culprits wriggle fast away, they know the game is up.

I didn’t nail him to the tree, Pontus Pilate said,
I had no choice it was his people wished him dead.
And anyway I walked away and washed the poison off,
I wish I had not done it, looking at the cost.

Like wine we drink Denial, but it is a sin
Then we complain about the state our head gets in.
Denial is a pair of shoes, one size fits all,
Denial takes the final bow, and many curtains calls.

Its Shakespeare’s weapon in the secrecy of life
Denial didn’t murder him or even hold the knife.
Denial is the cock’s crow in the morning of the war
Denial saw him coming and sidled out the door.

So when you hear another claim that no one seems to care,
Where missing journalist have gone, he could be anywhere,
And no one started up the war and no one is to blame
Denial starts another round of the Denial Game.

Caroline Baldock © 2018