The Way began long time ago,

In spring and winter deep in snow,

I saw the Way I knew its charm,

I knew that it could cause me harm,


In that place such as I find,

Courage, power and fleet of mind,

It makes me step into the fray,

The rigours of a racing d


Sweet beauty carries us along,

Tumbling clouds and twittering song.

Frail the limbs that carry speed,

Frailer are our hopes indeed.


As sunlight beams though sullen clouds

As darkness crowds the breaking day,

As rainbows heavenwards behold,

We are young our passions old.


So ride those horses, bridge those reins,

Gallop o’er the grass again,

Sweet is the knowledge sweet the view

We jockeys, lads and lassies true,


Edge of bliss you cannot wait

For someone to release the gate.

And fly across the sea of green,

We joust, we ride we gallop through,


From Turkmen did this breed descend

The thoroughbred will never end,

We kiss his soul, we ride his breeze,

We ride his spirit through his trees,


So ride the way, and ride it slow

For you are the portent you are the show,

Ride the Way, through leaves of time,

Through dappled sun and dappled rhyme,


The way is dust the way is stone

The way will always lead us home

It is the turf on which we ran which

Enters the heart of the sporting man